Post/pier hole drilling

Post hole drilling is a quick and easy way to get you post or pier holes done, it save time and your back getting the hard stuff done so you can get on with building your project.

200mm, 300mm, 350mm, 450mm & 600mm wide available up to 1.5m deep.


Rotary Tiller

The Australian made Mini Tiller is ideal for ground preparation prior to turfing, planting and seeding. It turns the toughest ground into workable soil.

Tilling width 1016mm / 40”

driveways and paths

We can level off driveways, paths and small shed pads by levelling road base or aggregate or smooth out an existing driveway with a few bumps. 

we utilise our leveller and 4 in 1 bucket to achieve a smooth surface ready for rolling/traffic.


Our trencher can dig a nice neat trench for many applications such as water to stock troughs and tanks, electrical , gas, stormwater and data.

150mm wide up to 900mm deep

Mini Ripper

Our three tyne mini ripper can assist with loosening hard soil ready for removal or levelling and and also removing root from small shrubs and plants.

Soil & gravel relocation

Our Kanga mini loader is ideal for situations in urban areas where soil, roadbase or other materials you have had delivered to be shifted into backyards or tight areas saving backbreaking wheelbarrow work.


Used for levelling soil and gravel but can also carry heavy objects like large pots, statues and concrete pieces from back yards to a skip or trailer (300kg). Ideal for turf preparation and ‘bumpy backyards’.

Tight Access

The size of our Kanga Mini Loader enables access to places other plant and equipment have trouble getting to or cannot get to at all like under carports , through gates, backyards and into horse stables.

Plate Compactor

At 94kg this is very handy & effective for compacting paths, small driveways, areas to be paved or roadbase in sheds etc.

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